To Get Board Members to Fundraise, Give Them Tasks that Result in Appreciation

We all want to be acknowledged and appreciated. It is a human need to be recognized and validated. You can meet that need by incorporating opportunities for board members to be thanked for their efforts when you design your fundraising program.

Your Personal Efforts

You, as an executive director, should always be thanking board members for their efforts on behalf of the agency. They are volunteers, after all. They not financially compensated for their board work. Thank them one on one and thank them as a group. No matter how difficult it is at times, remember to focus on the sacrifices they are making on your nonprofit’s behalf and thank them for them.

Board members serve your organization because they want to advance its mission. A significant reward they receive for their efforts is the feeling of knowing they are doing good in the community. They want to see the progress they are making in people’s lives. Always connect how what they are doing with the mission being accomplished. We talked about how to communicate fundraising progress to board members in To Get Board Members to Fundraise Engage Them in Creating Transformations.

Your Donors’ Efforts

Your donors and your board have at least one thing in common—passion for your agency. Finds ways that work for donors and board members to share their joint passion and mutual appreciation of one another.

For example, you can play off your donors’ needs to be thanked and create opportunities for board members to thank them, say through a board-driven donor thank-a-thon. The interactions will lead to expressions of appreciation for your board members on the part of your donors. The result is that your donors feel good about making a donation and your board members get enthused about their fundraising endeavors. A win-win.

You may also want board members to be present at any donor appreciation events you hold. In much the same way as a thank-a-thon, the one-on-one interactions will result in mutual expressions of gratitude. Another win-win.

Next Steps

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