Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Besiged

Chapter 2: The Sustainable High ROI Fundraising System

Chapter 3: Creating Fundraising Efficiencies

Chapter 4: Kill the Scarcity Mindset

Chapter 5: Six Crucial Keys to Achieving Success

Chapter 6: Funding The Sustainable High ROI System Implementation

Chapter 7: Collecting and Using Data

Chapter 8: Taming Your Fundraising Fears

Chapter 9: The Complete Guide to Asking

Chapter 10: Becoming Well Known and Well Resourced

Chapter 11: The Dream Team

Chapter 12: Choose Your Pick

Chapter 13: Keep What You’ve Got

Chapter 14; Cultivate Brilliance

Chapter 15; Getting From Here to There

Chapter 16: Moving Forward

What This Book Is About

     As an executive director, you’ve been in situations where your fundraising is not going well and the stress is building. We all have. Based on my 30+ years of experience, this insightful guide to successful fundraising gives you a roadmap to move from pressure-filled financial situations to realizing continuing net surpluses. Relying on proven fundraising fundamentals and principles of organizational leadership and growth, it shows you exactly how to build the infrastructure and implement a sustainable revenue-generating system that seriously increases your return on your fundraising investment.

What Others Are Saying

"The ROI Mindset is a comprehensive, practical book on all the fundamentals necessary to succeed in organizational fundraising. It provides a simple way to digest complex fundraising concepts, optimize their proper use in an organization’s development strategy, and critical markers for appropriate execution. A unique component of The ROI Mindset is that it tackles the natural anxiety novice and experienced development professionals have when asking for financial support. These skills are not usually taught in a classroom but must be acquired as you acclimate to the profession. Joanne Oppelt provides key tactics upfront that often aren’t achieved until a few years in the field."

Dominic Prophete, JD, Executive Director, Wynona’s House

"As a first time Executive Director, I was looking for a resource that would have it all. This book is it!  I learned so much from the real-world case studies. I felt that I was reading about my own experiences every chapter!  I highly recommend it for any nonprofit executive looking to take their nonprofit to the next level."

 Sara Huisking, MBA, CFRE, Executive Director, Sound Start Foundation

"If you're looking for a mentor to help you hone essential skills on your non-profit journey, read Joanne Oppelt. You'd be hard-pressed to find a better blueprint for success—whether you seek transition from line-staff to supervisor, supervisor to manager, or manager to visionary leader."

Steven L Meyers, PhD, Founder and CEO, Personalized Philanthropy: Advising and Coaching Non-Profits and Donors

"Every time I hear a nonprofit say things like, “We’re the best kept secret in town,” “How come XYZ organization always get great media coverage, can recruit top-notch board members, and gets so much funding, while our nonprofit struggles to just get by?” or “We just need to go out and find new donors—help!” I will refer them to this book. Joanne covers the importance of collaboration instead of competition, both internally and in the community; helps nonprofits get out of the scarcity mentality that is so prevalent among them; and teaches them how to not scare away good board members with aggressive fundraising expectations. Her real-life examples of nonprofit leaders who made this system work will help the reader create a plan for their success."

Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE, Nonprofit Management and Fundraising Consultant, Author, Speaker, Linda Lysakowski Consulting

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