The Sustainable High ROI Fundraising System


More financial reserves, money to improve infrastructure, and funds to build financial assets that solidify your nonprofit’s financial position and allow your agency to grow its impact and advance its mission.

Identify your fundraising strengths and gaps.

What you get:

  • A financial strategy that leverages your agency’s fundraising assets and works within your organization’s capacity.
  • An action plan that show you how to take the next step toward financial stability and mission impact.
  • Improvement on  your fundraising return on investment by at least 100 percent.

Empower your board. 

What you get:

  • Board leadership promoting of your nonprofit in the community.
  • A leadership culture that enables you and your staff to capitalize on your nonprofit’s fundraising assets and the strong community support board members have created.
  • Board and staff leaders working together in a supportive relationship regarding fundraising.

Mobilize your staff.

What you get:

  • More donors.
  • Higher donations.
  • Reduced overall fundraising costs.
  • A sustainable fundraising action plan addressing total fundraising operations including technology, communications, campaigns and appeals, staffing, and board involvement.

Excite your community.

What you get:

  • More awareness of your nonprofit in the community.
  • Unified, consistent messaging that mobilizes the community to support your mission.
  • More advocates for your cause.
  • Increasing community financial support.
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What makes my system unique

  1. I don’t just focus on raising revenues. I also ensure your expenses are kept to a minimum, so you increase your return on investment.

  2. I take a strategic approach that mobilizes all your stakeholders - your board, staff, and community.

  3. I help you create a culture shift within your nonprofit so that board and staff become consistent mission ambassadors.

“I was hired as executive director of a non-profit organization that Joanne Oppelt had been leading for five years. My transition was made easy by the structured organizational operations and the tight internal controls Joanne had put in place during her tenure as leader. Because our structure was so effective, I was able to get on with the work of fulfilling our mission, serving our community, and deepening our services. It was a joy to follow Joanne in my role!”

Janet Sarkos
Executive Director
Caring Contact

“In our collegial interactions over the years, Joanne has always been a consummate professional, very responsive, quick to contribute from her extensive knowledge and experience, yet maintaining a pragmatic grasp on reality. Grounded in integrity, she is driven by a sincere desire to make a difference from the very basic and individual level to the grand scheme of the goal in mind. Not only extremely competent, reliable and honest, Joanne is caring, friendly and fun loving in the process, so she brings out the humanity in all of us. “

Debbie Duncan
Director of Member Services
Center for Non-Profits

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