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Confessions of a Successful Grants Writer: A Complete Guide to Discovering and Obtaining Funding

    I am a successful grants writer. In this book are the lessons I have learned over the years that have worked for me.

     Grant writing is about developing a partnership. Funders have money you need and you have programs and services to meet the need they have defined. You are a conduit for them—a way for them to achieve their desired impact on the world. They need someone to help them achieve their goals and you need their funds to do it. The relationship is set up to be a win-win situation. Looked at from that perspective, your job is to convince them you can deliver a win.

    So where do you start? With THEM. Get to know them as thoroughly as you can. They don’t need you. There are lots of good causes out there. There are other organizations that do what you do. To get the money, you need to stand out from your competition, defining yourself in the funders’ terms. You need to use their language and understand their perspective. You need to meet their needs, as opposed to yours.

    This book will tell you:

  • How to better position your proposals among the many that funders receive
  • Where to find what they tell you they want to know, and then
  • What they don’t tell you about what you should know
  • The importance of organizational branding in getting your proposal funded.
  • The questions they ask, the answers they’re looking for and how to speak a language they’ll understand
  • How to present a comprehensive proposal
  • How to develop success,, both at the organizational and interpersonal levels

    If you do as I do, you too will raise lots of money.