Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Inundated 

Chapter 2: System Relief

Chapter 3: What a State of Affairs

Chapter 4: Assessing Your Fundraising Strengths and Gaps

Chapter 5: Let Me Count the Ways

Chapter 6: Empowering Your Board

Chapter 7: Mobilizing Your Staff

Chapter 8: We’re Hiring!

Chapter 9: Exciting Your Community

Chapter 10: Donor Tastes

Chapter 11: A New World Dawns

Chapter 12: Moving Forward

What Makes This Book Different

      Most fundraising books are about the mechanics of implementing specific fundraising activities. This book is different. It tells you how to implement a complete fundraising system. This unique system will boost your nonprofit to the next level, help you raise more money, improve your ROI, increase net income, and realize continuous net surpluses, all within the context of your current organizational capacity. Finally, achieve the financial results you've always dreamed of!

What Others Are Saying

"Reading this book convinced me that getting and having more money does not mean over-extended nonprofit leaders have to do more. I learned we do need to think differently about fundraising than the typical books advise. I’ve been involved with nonprofits for over 40 years and the Sustainable High ROI Fundraising System gave me new, fresh, and,more importantly, proven ways to put an effective net-revenue-generating system in place. Every executive director needs to learn, using Joanne’s approach, how they can absolutely work less and get more! The real-life cases using her system clinched it for me. I’m excited to share this incredibly valuable book with nonprofit executive directors, board members, and colleagues."
Mary Hiland, PhD. President, Hiland Consulting
Hear what Mary has to say

"I can’t believe I have worked at executive level in nonprofits for so long without this book as a reference. It’s so practical and accessible.”


Christine Duncan. MSW, CEO, YWCA Monterey County


"I could not wait to read the next chapter. The book gave clear ways to make changes. It was very exciting to see how easy improvements could be made"

Debra Muzikar, Executive Director, Blue Sage Center for the Arts

"If you want to raise more and spend less, look no further. Every chapter of Joanne Oppelt’s new book has an unflinching focus on increasing your ROI. I particularly enjoyed the 'Exciting Your Community' chapter. Too many nonprofits waste their marketing dollars, trying to reach everyone when they could focus on the markets that already love their mission. The Sustainable High ROI Fundraising System is a complete approach to fundraising with countless practical insights packed into every page."

Denise K. McMahan, Founder,

"Nonprofit professionals don’t need another book on the techniques of fundraising. What we need is an easy-to-read and practical book that shows how to put the techniques together into a system that produces measurable immediate and long-term results. Having read this book cover to cover, I can finally say that this is that book!"

Stephen C. Nill, JD, CEO, CharityChannel LLC

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