This highly informative book will transform your nonprofit’s fundraising and bring immediate results. Joanne Oppelt’s inventive Sustainable High ROI Fundraising System will get your board, staff, and community excited about your mission so they eagerly support it financially and recruit other donors to join them.

     Most fundraising books are about the mechanics of implementing specific fundraising activities. This book is different. It tells you how to implement a complete fundraising system. This unique system will help your nonprofit raise more money, improve its ROI, increase net income, and realize continuous net surpluses, all within the context of your current organizational capacity.

     Based on Joanne’s 30+ years of nonprofit experience, The Sustainable High ROI Fundraising System was specifically designed to improve any fundraising program. After implementing The Sustainable High ROI Fundraising System, your nonprofit will finally see the financial results your organization has always dreamed of.

What Others Are Saying

"I can’t believe I have worked at executive level in nonprofits for so long without this book as a reference. It’s so practical and accessible.”

Christine Duncan. MSW
CEO, YWCA Monterey County

"Reading this book convinced me that getting and having more money does not mean overextended nonprofit leaders have to do more. I learned we do need to think differently about fundraising than the typical books advise. I’ve been involved with nonprofits for over 40 years and the Sustainable High ROI Fundraising System gave me new, fresh, and importantly, proven, ways to put an effective net-revenue-generating system in place. Every executive director needs to learn, using Joanne’s approach, how they can absolutely work less and get more! The real-life cases using her system synched it for me. I’m excited to share this incredibly valuable book with nonprofit executive directors, board members, and colleagues."

Mary Hiland, Ph.D.
President, Hiland Consulting

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